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What's new?

If you haven't noticed already: we've updated our design and all product lists, product pages, ... are improved - but wait, there's more. Here's a small and incomplete overview of some other new features:

PC Configurator

Use the PC configurator to configure your own desktop PC, gaming PC or NUC system.
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Laptop Picker

We've got a lot of laptops. Let this tool help you find one for your customer!
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Improved shopping cart(s)

It's now easier than ever to create new shopping carts. Just click the green + icon in the top-right corner (below the cart) and enter the name of your project. You can create an infinite amount of carts, switch between carts with the dropdown menu, manage them with the blue "wheel" button, and check them out individualy (using the yellow arrow button). When checking out, you can choose what to do with the cart: keep it but remove all items, keep it and keep the items, or simply delete the cart. Your carts are stored on our server so they won't disappear when you log off or use another computer.
Note: you need to be logged in to use the shopping cart.

Last pieces / "Koopjeshoek"

A brand new place to find special prices and deals on almost-EOL items.
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Top Specs

For some of our most popular product groups, you can now see the "top specs" right from the product lists!


There's a completely new checkout process, which also includes a few new options, such as Saturday delivery and Allow partial delivery.

Improved filters

We've updated our filters and added a "min price" - "max price" slider, so you can easily set your budget.

That's not all ofcourse (not by a long shot) and we've got several additional new features launching in the coming weeks and months. Got any questions or comments? Don't hesitate to contact us via
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